Unity and Progress Lodge


How to join

Am I eligible?
Any man over the age of 21 may join regardless of ethnic group, political views, economic standing or religion although he is expected to have  a faith. Students over 18 can join one of 55 University Lodges. UGLE oversees lodges in England, Wales, the Isle of Man and the Channel   Islands, whilst Scotland and Ireland have their own Grand Lodges.

How do I join?
If you don’t know anyone who is a member and that you can talk to, then your first step is to approach your local lodge or one which shares your interests – there are over 7,000 to choose from – or check out our Contact Us page and let us put you in touch with your local lodge.

Already a Freemason?
If you are interested in becoming a member of the Unity and Progress 3723 Lodge and are already a freemason please send an email to hon-Sec@unityandprogress.org.uk , with the following information:

Your full name & rank in freemasonry.
Name, number & location of your mother lodge.
A brief summary about yourself and why you would like to join the <name of the lodge>
How you found out about us.
Proposer & seconder (if you have either).


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